Rob & Helen’s Wedding at Wasing Park, Aldermaston

Rob & Helen got married at the lovely new venue Wasing Park. It was so nice to catch up with Rob’s family again as we had photographed his sister Fiona’s wedding to Brian 5 years earlier. More about them later!!

bride puts on earring

brides necklace

bride excited about wedding

groom and best man get ready

Are the boys really that nervous?

very nervous groom and best man

The nearest bridesmaid is Fiona, Rob’s sister.

bridesmaids about to enter wedding ceremony

bride walks down aisle

wedding vowes

first kiss

bride looks back and smiles

The grounds at Wasing are beautiful.

bride in gazebo

wedding couple by a tree

bride and groom walk hand in hand

bride and groom in front of arches

bride and groom kiss in front of granary

Here we managed to get a photo of the ‘Young Persons Wooden Bench Appreciation Society’.

kids examine bench

We did get some photos of kids doing less strange things.

baby chuckles with mother

baby chuckles with father

Don’t you just hate it when someone turns up at a wedding wearing the same outfit as you?!

babies look at each others outfits

So here are Brian & Fiona with their gorgeous little one Martha.

Brian, Fiona and Martha

Meanwhile, the Young Persons Wooden Bench Appreciation Society turns it’s attention to narrow windows instead.

kids examine narrow windows

energetic band

first dance