About Us and About You

Capture It LimitedShould you ever meet us, one of the things you’ll notice about us is that we’re interested in what you want. What are your ideas for your wedding? Which style of photography do you prefer? What made you fall in love with the venue?

We chose to do wedding photography for several reasons. We love being married and so we wish everybody the best possible start to their married life together. We are interested in people and love being able to capture those special shared moments between a bride and groom. Photography allows us to be creative and produce something that gives pleasure and happy memories that last for many years. We get a great deal of satisfaction from our job!

In 1998, when we started Capture It, our way of putting the bride and groom first and our way of cooperating with all the other suppliers at the wedding was in stark contrast to the way other photographers went about their business. One venue after another put us at the top of their recommended suppliers list. We gained an enormous amount of experience about how a wedding works and what makes people relax and enjoy a wedding.

At a wedding, we photograph light and emotion. From our training and experience we know where the light is best and how to utilise it. How about the emotion? When you know us you come to trust us, when you trust us you relax in front of the camera. That’s how we get great photos of you, even if you think that you are a bit camera-shy.


This email from Jo & Chris that we received shortly after we posted some of their photos on the blog, superbly illustrates the point:

“Hi Richard and Sarah,

Thank you so much for sharing the blog photos – we absolutely love them and keep looking back at them to reminisce!

Everyone says your wedding day is meant to be the best day of your life but it really was, we had the most incredible day, beyond all our expectations. I had two priorities for the day, a ‘wow’ venue and that everyone had fun and I think we definitely achieved that. We would, however, not have enjoyed the day as much as we did without your expert photography, advice and support, so thank you!

There were two points in the day when Chris turned to me and said ‘I’m really enjoying this’, and they were at the two points I would have least expected it – during our first dance and when we were having our photos taken in the Long Gallery, which is a credit to yourselves that he felt so comfortable!”


What to Do Next

Please tell us about your wedding or ask us a question and we will get back to you as quickly as we can.

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