Syon Park, London Wedding – James & Adriana

From our very first meeting with James and Adriana we knew their wedding was going to be so much fun.

James has a brilliant sense of humour and Adriana, well you can see from the photos how incredibly beautiful she is. As usual Sarah joined the bride to photograph her preparations and got to meet the brilliant bridesmaids who kept everything really relaxed, we had some hilarious moments.

It was great to work with videographers Adrian and Mark from The Dreamcatchers. The incredible flowers were from Sarah’s favourite florist Michele at Wheelers in Turnham Green, she really is a genius when it comes to colours and combinations.

After the ceremony we all headed to Syon Park for the reception, where the dull rain of the morning had broken and now the sun was shining beautifully.

Keeping with Adriana’s Italian heritage the four course meal included an extra pasta dish and was expertly served by the wonderful Tapenade. Joanna and her team were brilliant and the conservatory looked beautiful. However the Italian theme did provide the best man with a totally outrageous joke brilliantly delivered in a box to James during his speech!! (You’ll work out what it was when you see the photo below.)

Yes Events provided the lighting and music. We love working with them as it always provides us with such fantastic photos and they are such a great team, friendly, helpful and very hard working.

We hope you enjoy some of our favourite images. There were so many that we will have a second selection in a few days.

Beautiful bride looks at herself in the mirror
bride puts on a tiara
wedding dress with parents wedding photo in foreground
bride opens door to reveal stunning wedding dress
groom looks up at best man reflected in multi-faceted mirror
groom best man and usher all use same mirror to put on their ties
pensive moment for bride as she gets ready to walk into the church
groom points to his watch waiting for bride to walk in
bridesmaid and bride share a look before ceremony
bride and groom laugh out of joy when she gets to end of aisle
wedding couple kiss in the back of the wedding car
groom kisses brides hand romantically at Syons Great Conservatory
portrait of couple at Syon House entrance
bride looks amazing in her fish tail wedding dress in the window light
three girls walking together but all on their mobile phones
groom makes bride laugh during wedding speech
Wonderful flowers from Michelle at Wheelers Turnham Green
fantastic first dance with lighting by Yes Events
silhouette of dancers at Syon Park House
low key shot of couple in front of the Great Conservatory