Rassi & Anna’s wedding at Syon Park House, London

Saturday’s wedding turned out to be very emotional indeed. When Rassi saw his beautiful bride walking down the aisle he was overwhelmed.

Jonathan has to have been to the most organised usher of all time.

We loved Anna’s choice of contrasting pink bridesmaid dresses.

Rassi’s speech was excellent and very well received.

The incredible lighting and entertainment was provided by Yes Events. We love it when we can work with Nick, Tom and their team.


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  • anastasiai wondered if there were any more photos of my son (he is in 2 photos on this page) one walking with me and another one with his thumb up. Also if there were any other photos of my husband (the best man)? If so i would like to see them, please could you also let me know how you can buy prints ? thank you!

  • CaptureItHi Anastasia,

    Yes, we did take more photos of your family. We put on the blog our favourites and there are many more photos to come.

    Please keep an eye on our ‘Recent Weddings’ section where Rassi & Anna’s wedding photos will be published in about 4 weeks time. If they are locked, please nag the couple to ask us to unlock them or give you the password. From this section you will be able to see all the wedding photos and buy prints or digital master files.

    In the meantime, let us know what you think of the photos above. Do you like them? Wasn’t it brilliant for Rassi to show such emotion?

  • SamanthaAbsolutely stunning photos! im feeling teary just looking at them! let me know when they are published i cant wait to see all of them! xx samantha (bridesmaid)