Our New Wedding Photography Blog

Well it’s here!

Yesterday we launched this new blog. We’ll be a lot more pro-active now in putting here much more information about our work, our wedding photography and just getting married in general.

Over the next few weeks you’ll see more articles about wedding venues and wedding services. We’ve often taken photographs at someone’s wedding and met other wedding service providers such as DJs, florists, makeup artists, bands and so on that have really impressed us with their service and we’ve wanted to recommend them. The thing is, it’s so time consuming to update the main Capture It website that we haven’t been able to tell you about all these wonderful people that we’ve come across. But now with this new blog it’s much, much faster to add a new entry and give you the necessary links to their websites.

So how do you use this site? Apart from seeing which weddings we’ve been to over the last few weeks, you can search the site, or use the categories, to find our recommendations or advice on a great way to have a wedding. We’ll add categories for wedding venues and wedding services that will help you to locate the advice, recommendations and, where possible, wedding photos of the subject under discussion.

If you’re totally addicted to weddings or photography (and we know some of you are), then you can subscribe to this site. The site can let you know by e-mail of any new posts or, if you have a RSS reader, you can have the new posts sent there.

So please have a look around and if you have any suggestions on how to improve the site then just add a comment and we’ll get back to you ASAP.