Johnathan and Clare’s Wedding at Kneller Hall, Twickenham

We’ve got more images in this post for Saturday’s wedding than we’ve ever put in a post before. There was just so much STORY to this wedding. Also, as you’ll see, the lighting conditions were a bit tricky in parts so we’re delighted to have so many great photos.

Clare is one of those girls who looks great even in curlers.

bride wearing hair curlers

She got ready in the new Marriott hotel that is actually part of Twickenham Rugby Stadium.

bride's necklace

high key backlit photo of bride

back of wedding dress

Richard met Johnathan at Kneller Hall which is just down the road from Twickenham Stadium.

groom getting ready

We thought yesterday’s hippo’s bottom cufflinks were good but how cool are these?! They were bought for Johnathan by Clare so there’s no way he will forget the time of the ceremony.

wedding cufflinks

Kneller Hall

portrait of groom

bride's father helps bride out of wedding car

The chapel at Kneller Hall gets quite dark when the sun goes behind a cloud and little light comes through the one window. As the couple had requested no flash photography during the ceremony we were pleased to get this shot of Johnathan looking back at Clare walking down the aisle.

groom looks at bride during wedding procession

This photo gives you a good idea of the low light levels.

stained glass window at Kneller Hall

The chapel has a very narrow balcony running high above where more guests can stand. It’s a bit scary but it allows for some great photos from unusual angles.

caution sign

balcony high above congregation

bridesmaid looks up to balcony

wedding guests look down from balcony

exchnge of wedding rings

The music and singing provided by the bridesmaids was exquisite.

bridesmaid plays the flute

young lad looks at flutist

low light level shot of applause

It’s very unusual to take a photo at the same moment that someone else’s flash goes off but in this shot of the wedding recession you can see that 2 flashes are firing at the same fraction of a second.

high level photo of wedding recession

wedding recession

bridesmaids admiring brides wedding ring

bride and groom portrait

monochrome image of bride and groom

old school style photo of bride and groom

boy looking through marquee window



bride and groom entering wedding reception

The couple had a ceildh band and the dancing was a lot of fun.

barn dance photo 1

barn dance photo 2

barn dance photo 3