Wedding Cars

Rolls Royce wedding car

How will you be transported to your big day?

High up on your list of treats for your wedding day may well be your transportation to the ceremony. However, with so many options to choose from how can you travel in style?

We’ve seen some amazing vehicles for weddings and thought we’d share some of them with you, they may even give you ideas for your wedding.

How about a London Bus, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Car, VW Beetle, White London Taxi Cab or classic VW Camper Van?

The guys might prefer an Aston Martin or a stretched Limo – we’ve even seen an escort of Imperial motorcycle outriders.

For the more traditional, perhaps a beautiful vintage car or vintage bus for your guests to travel in. For the untraditional, what about a Karma Cab, a boat or a horse?

We’ve seen all the above and so we’ve put together some of our favourites in the gallery at the end of this post.

Many Grooms are given the task of sorting out the cars for the big day so here are just a few words of advice if that is the case.

Remember that the Bride will probably be wearing a dress that far exceeds the size of anything else she may have worn in all your days together. So a little mini will be unlikely to be comfortable or practical. Also, good chauffeur companies get booked up very quickly so make it an early consideration when planning the day.

Lastly, if booking a taxi or minicab, check and double check that they will be on time. Make sure they know it’s for such an important occasion and ensure they know where they’re going. You’d think this last point would be obvious however in our experience it’s not always the case. A little extra information certainly won’t hurt.

So here are our highly recommended suppliers. We’ve worked with all of them on wedding days and been thoroughly impressed with their service.

Best Chauffeurs: Nicolas & Claire Stow – 01483 274479

Brian at Blue-Bells Classic Cars – 01428 714317  e-mail: – Covering Hampshire, Guildford and surrounding areas. Anthony at AG Classic Wedding Cars Miranda Pearce – 01761 451142 Wedding Car Hire in Bristol & Bath area.

John & Ken of The Winchester Carriage Company.
Tel: 01962 856832

Wedding Cars Hertfordshire –

For modern transport:

Colnside Levesque Executive Car & Chauffeur Hire – 0500 681000

Executive Drive


Aston Martin or Porsche Hire (with chauffeur – a present from the Bride to the Groom perhaps?).
Contact: Simon Walsh on 01524 580693

How about a London Bus?

Here are some of our favourite photos of wedding vehicles and transportation. If you’d like to know more about any of these photos or vehicles, just contact us and we’ll ask the couples for more details. If you click on an image, simply use your back button on your browser to return here.