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Cake at Syon Park

We sometimes get asked about the best kind of wedding cake to have. Of course it’s all down to personal taste but here are some points to consider:

Do you want a wedding cake that also looks amazing?
We’ve seen some incredible cakes that can only be described as works of art. The WOW factor can be enormous.

Do you want to serve the wedding cake as dessert?
This can save you some money. Obviously the taste and texture of the cake is more important. Beware that some cakes can be very rich and you’ll need to serve tea & coffee to go along with it.

wedding cup cakes

Will a simple wedding cake suffice?
Quite a few couples recently have used a plain white Marks & Spencer cake and then got their florist to decorate it with some fresh flowers. This can look very effective. Cakes from M&S taste good too.

A very popular option is to have a ‘Cheese Cake or Cheese Tower’. This really is made of cheese and can look fantastic. I guess your guests will have to really like cheese though!!

Do you want a wedding cake at all?

Be careful with this one! We’ve observed that when the mothers of the couple try to leave all the choices for the wedding to the couple, the exception is the wedding cake. Mothers of the bride and groom tend to expect there to be a cake or it’s not a proper wedding. In fact at one wedding the couple didn’t want a cake but somebody anonymously provided one for them which, of course, they then were expected to have a photograph of them cutting. Weddings are funny things aren’t they?

wedding cake made of cheese


Beautiful classic cakes with a little twist of ingenuity!!
Jens Cakery

Yummy Cakes of all shapes and size with excellent customer service
Mary’s Cake Parlour

We also highly recommend the excellent Vanilla Cake Company

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