One of the most common pieces of advice couples receive is: ‘Stop every 15 minutes and take it all in.’

This is good advice because often the couple are so overwhelmed with all that’s going on that later they can recall little of what their wedding was like. One way to alleviate this, apart from having excellent wedding photographers, is to have an excellent videographer.

Many couples choose not to have a video because they have seen bad productions or been made to sit through hours of footage that’s of great interest to the bride and groom but not to anyone that wasn’t there. However, we have seen some brilliant videos that are edited with wit, care and beauty. They help you relive the very best parts of the day and are a joy to watch even if you are not a close family member.

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It’s fair to say that there can be a little conflict of interests between a photographer and a videographer as there are often elements of the day that both need to document at the same time. For instance some venues are very small and it can be difficult to work together to cover the vows, rings exchange and speeches. However, the videographers we recommend are supremely professional and produce stunning work without intruding on your day.

There are a few venues that don’t allow videography or charge an additional fee, sometimes because of copyright. Speak to your professional videographer about this as often they have the necessary licences and can sort out any problems in advance.

We have also encountered a few venues where videography and photography are banned because of a bad experience from a previous ‘professional’. Having seen some totally outrageous behaviour at a recent wedding by a videographer who was so intrusive during the ceremony that he pushed the minister out of the way to get a better angle, we understand why some ministers and registrars have taken this view. All of the videographers we recommend are true professionals and would never act in that way. They produce gorgeous work and are totally respectful of the dignity of the occasion.

Often a video is a last minute decision, however if you want the best then we recommend booking one of these companies soon to avoid disappointment.

So here are the videographers we recommend and why:

Andy Louca – Zeus Films
We first worked with Andy a few years ago and were struck by his professional and kind manner. He was smartly dressed, discreet and we worked fantastically well together. When we saw the finished product it was true to say we were blown away by the production. His cinematography was superb and the little moments he captured were beautifully edited and presented. Nothing cheesy, just pure class.

This year we worked with him again when he stepped in to help one of our couples who had to rearrange their wedding at short notice and had encountered a problem with their original videographer. Andy was again superb and totally sympathetic and helpful to the couple.

One of our favourite videographers, we really feel our styles complement one another.


Adam & Russell – ido Wedding Films
We have worked with both Adam and Russell at several weddings now. They are great to work with, very considerate of the couple and the guests and from what we’ve seen of their work real artists.
Richard and I always enjoy working with them as we know the day will go smoothly and our couples will have a complete record of the day from both viewpoints.


Adrian Stone – The Dreamcatchers
Based in Richmond, Adrian produces stunning contemporary videos with wit and style. We’ve worked with him several times and we love his superb editing and great quality, all his videos are a joy to watch.


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