Music for your Wedding

Saxophone at wedding

So your guests are enjoying a fantastic day at your wedding. How about some musical entertainment?

With so many choices and with music being such a personal choice, we thought we’d tell you some of things that have impressed us. We’ll recommend some brilliant bands, superb DJ’s and other fascinating ideas we’ve seen heard.

A good DJ really makes the evening. He knows how to read the crowd and choose just the right song to fill the dance floor. Follow our link below for an article on DJ’s and links to some of our favourite, highly recommended DJ’s.

Click here for DJs for Weddings.

Or how about a great live band? We’ve been thrilled and entertained by some great bands at weddings, we’ve even stayed longer in the evening just to hear the music. Follow this link for some expert advice on how to choose a band and links to our favourite bands.

Click here for Bands for Weddings.

One of the coolest things we’ve ever seen at a wedding was a Jukebox. It sat in the corner of the dinning room and guests could come up and select their favourites while enjoying their dinner. It worked so well as both the music entertainment for the room, a conversation piece on each table while they chatted about their music choices and a great nostalgia trip. The couple had chosen the music to be included beforehand so there was nothing they didn’t want to hear and of course they’d tailored it to suit all age groups.

Others have opted to have a string quartet or jazz band play both during the drinks reception and dinner. We’ve also seen acoustic guitarists, pianists and harpists.


For a real ‘Wedding Surprise’ how about the opera singing waiters. They are fantastic entertainment for all the guests to enjoy, I won’t spoil the surprise in case you’ve never seen them but follow the links below to their websites to see what it’s all about.

The Three

Or how about an Elvis impersonator to really get the crowd involved?!! We’ve also seen Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Abba and other well known faces turn up unexpectedly at weddings!! The Elvis impersonator was particularly popular with some of the lady guests!!

What about a rustic feel to your evening entertainment with a Ceildh? This works so well for all ages and gets pretty much everyone up on the dance floor. With so many barn venues for weddings the Ceildh fits in beautifully with the country theme.


Function Junction

We’ve even had some of our grooms get up and perform in the bands, we were particularly impressed with one guy who had even written a song for his new wife. No pressure there guys!!

Whatever you choose, we hope these articles help with the planning and please contact us if you want add anything or some personal recommendations to this list.

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