Wedding Photo of 2009

As some of you know, every year we have a friendly little competition between just the two of us to see who got ‘wedding photo of the year’. The problem is that we may choose a particular shot because we know how difficult it was to get it at the time. (e.g. Some of our couples decided to practically run back down the aisle while we were trying to a) overtake them, b) carry all our gear and c) get that all-important aisle shot!)

So, we thought it would be good to get you involved as un-biased judges. Although you may not remain un-biased when we tell you that the winning couple will receive a stunning 10″x8″ table top acrylic photo worth £95.

We’ve narrowed our favourites down to 12. Please leave a comment at the end of the post telling us your favourite and, if you like, why you chose it. It may take a day or two before your comment appears as we have to approve every one in order to foil those pesky spammers. We will count up the votes and announce the winning shot. Naturally, we will count only 1 vote per person commenting or e-mail address (so you can’t say me and my 15 mates vote for numbers 3 and 6).

Voting will close in 4 weeks time or sooner if there’s a clear leader.


1. Giles & Helen

Bride comforts pageboy at a wedding

2. Tom & Jana

Bride arrives at wedding

3. Andrew & Emily

Confetti time

4. Joe & Ellie-May

Bride and groom kissing on a bridge

5. Nick & Caroline

Bride and groom with umbrellas in a vineyard

6. Priyan & Hester

bride and groom walk through arched cloisters

7. Joshua & Allison

Bride and groom kiss by candlelight

8. Alexey & Olga

wedding couple sit in stylish restaurant

9. Simon & Stephanie

groom kisses bride's hand romantically at sunset

10. Ben & Anne Marie

bride and groom share a smile

11. Daniel & Angharad

Bride embraces groom during first dance

12. Michael & Samantha

bride and groom sitting on the rocks in a beautiful waterfall

Competition Now Closed!


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  • Katy RugerisHello

    I vote for Anne Marie and Ben.
    Apart from the fact that I know the couple I absolutely love the shot and its the one out of all their wedding photos that stands out to all of us 🙂

  • Sue RugerisI vote for Anne Marie and Ben

  • Luke RugerisI vote for Anne Marie and Ben

  • Sian GriffitsI vote for Anne Marie and Ben

  • James RugerisI vote for anne marie and Ben

  • Claire BarnesAnne and Ben!!!

  • Stephanie JamesI vote Simon & Stephanie! I know i’m biased, but i don’t care, the picture is stunning!

  • Simon JamesSimon & Stephanie – You made us look like an Austen novel, photographic genius!!!

  • Tim ClarkI love the atmospheric shot of the couple called Simon & Stephanie set against the backlighting of a late summer evening. It really captures the magical moment of the newly weds special day.

  • Sharon ClarkI vote for Steph & Simon. It evoked the feeling of a love story from a romantic historical novel!!!!!

  • nathan clarkI vote for steph and simon because I love steph and si

  • NessMy vote goes to… Anne Marie and Ben =)

  • Peta BicknellSimon & Stephanie. Beautiful shot!

  • Carole RudleyI vote for Anne Marie and Ben. This is a stunning photo and captures them perfectly

  • nikki pearcei vote anne marie and ben , they look so natural and so happy lovely picture , happy and relaxed how u should all be on your wedding day 🙂

  • Sarah RudleyI vote for Anne-Marie and Ben

  • SimmaThree words- Si and Steph!!!!

    The standard of photography is top notch but my vote goes to Simon & Steph- the photo looks like a still from a movie.

    Stunning! Beautiful. x

  • ELaine HeslopThe other couples look lovely but Simon & Steph look amazing!
    I didnt even recognise them at first! LOL.

  • Trevor HeslopI vote for Steph and Simon James- The lighting,pose and the love that jumps out of this photo is breathtaking!

  • Lucy JohnstonI Love the photo of Anne Marie and Ben! It’s a beautiful captured moment and stood out most of all for me 🙂
    I vote for this one.

  • rosemary hutchensI vote for Ben and Anne Marie such a beautiful picture

  • Jessica LappingSteph and Simons picture should win by far, it is a stunning picture, the sunset is amazing and they look perfect!

  • John JamesI vote for Si & Steph ‘sense & sensibility’ the perfect love story couple captured in a beautiful setting.

  • Chris JamesSimon & Steph the best photo, most beautiful wedding and because I love them.

  • Colly O'DonovanI vote for Ben and Annie. It’s a picture full of happiness just like their wedding day.

  • Jenny WattsI vote for Annie and Ben, it’s the cheeky grins that do it!

  • Hannah MintyI love the photo of Annie and Ben, it captures the day so perfectly.

  • Kim FinanI vote for Ben and Anne
    A beautiful picture, very natural.

  • Tabitha FinanI vote for Ben and Anne

  • Anne Marie PocockI am clearly totally biased but this is probably my all time fav photo of the two of us so I just have to vote for it – Anne Marie and Ben!

  • BeccaI vote for Annie and Ben, a beautiful picture which perfectly captures all the emotions of a wedding day. Stunning!

  • Michelle Wyer~Annie & Ben = for me it’s a timeless B&W retro classic with a modern twist. (A bit reminiscent of Brad & Jen. But of course they will be together 4 eva!)

  • Lorraine JoyceI would like to vote for Anne and Ben – what a stunning photo! Clear winner!!!

  • MattI vote for Ben and Annie. Their photo’s great – looks like a professional shot it.

    Capture It says: Thanks Matt! Yes, we do do impressions of professionals from time to time. 🙂

  • Emma and Ben KeepWe vote for Anne Marie and Ben.. stunning!

  • Bhavini CurtisI vote for Anne-Marie and Ben – beautiful photo!

  • Stephen ClarkI vote for Simon & Stephanie, you caught the light at the perfect moment. The composition, the atmosphere, the memory it leaves us with is in short perfect.

  • Tobias WalkerSi and Steph! That is simply the best wedding photo I have ever seen!

  • Helen DentI dont know any of the couples in the photos. I vote for Simon and Stephanie as it really is the photo that stands out for me. Do we get to know which of you took it?

  • CaptureItHi Helen,

    Thanks for your comment and yes, we will tell all when the favourite has been selected. You may be interested to know that 6 of these photos were taken by Richard and 6 by Sarah.

  • Selina DavidsonI vote for Simon & Stephanies photos. It really is a beautiful shot. The shot could be from the front cover of a romance novel!

  • Sue BlackmoreI vote for Ann and Ben – captured a lovely moment

  • Muriel AjchenbrennerI am voting for Anne Marie and Ben – this photo captures a secret moment between the 2 of them, and only the 2 of them will ever know what they were laughing about. Beautiful memories!

  • Oz WilliamsAnne Marie & Ben get my vote.

  • Corinne SpencerWhat a lovely informal shot of Anne & Ben – think this should win hands down

  • TashaThink the shot of Anne and Ben is gorgeous and it should definatley be a winner.

  • San JutlaAnn Marie and Ben – lovely!

  • Valerie DawsMy vote goes to Anne Marie and Ben – the perfect wedding photograph

  • Grahame RudleyAnnie and Ben – Fantastic B&W classic wedding photograph

  • Valerie DawsI vote for Anne-Marie and Ben – The perfect wedding photograph

  • Gemma Uptoni vote for Ben and Anne Marie

  • Steve CaddI vote for Annie and Ben

  • Grace O BrienI vote for Ben and Anne-Marie, a totally perfect shot.

  • LauraI vote Ben and Ann Marie

  • Carmel EynonBen and Anne Marie are just stunning:)

  • Tracey GouldI vote for Ben and Anne Marie, its beautiful.

  • jade dawsi would like to vote for Anne and Ben they look blissfully happy on their day you have captured their special moment.

  • Kelly SanghaI don’t know the beautiful couple but I vote for Ben and Anne Marie. So in love and so romantic.

  • Aman SanghaI definately thought this one stands out so I vote for Ben and Anne Marie.

  • Rebekah CaciaWhen i first looked through their album this photo immediately stood out, its so beautiful it took my breath away, Annie and Ben to win!

  • Ben MillingtonAnne Marie and Ben – a fantastic photo.

  • Robin RugerisAnne and Ben number 10. Its lovely.

  • Brian AbreyI vote for Simon & Stephanie – a private moment together as a married couple, in a romantic setting!

  • Katy DarvilleI vote for Anne Marie and Ben!

  • Samantha HardenI vote for Michael & Samantha – I feel I deserve the winning prize just for getting into that waterfall in my Vera Wang dress!!!

    Beautiful shot guys, also one of our favourites! x x x

  • elainei vote for samantha and michael

  • Laura PayneI vote for Michael and Samantha because it was the most amazing wedding and this shot is just beautiful.

  • kirsty masonI vote for Michael and Samantha!

  • Nicola HornerI vote for Michael & Samantha

  • KayteI vote for Michael and Samantha. Not only is the back drop gorgeous, but they look so in love.

  • Richard CoverleyI vote for Michael & Samantha

  • James HandleyI vote for Sam & Michael. Stunning couple & scenery is spectacular.

  • Justin MouleI vote for Michael and Sam – a very romantic photo that also captures their personalities.

  • Dan KalhorI vote for Michael & Sam.

  • Karen LI vote for Micheal and samantha

  • sallyI vote Samantha & Michael. What a location xx

  • Graeme HaydenI vote for Michael & Sam

  • Trish NewmanI vote for Michael & Samantha

  • Julian McCormackGreat pics all round; the one of Samantha and Michael is particularly spectacular and gets my vote!

  • Val ChambersI vote for Michael and Sam

  • Lorraine WoodhouseSam and Michaels picture is the best becuase of the amazing backdrop

  • johnSuttonI vote for Michael & Samantha – the photo is stunning and I was there!!

  • Teresa HucksI vote for Michael & Samantha (12) A lovely photo in a beautiful setting

  • MariaNo 12 Michael and Samantha

  • Denis JayesMy vote goes to Michael & Samantha, a very special day, captured perfectly. Good luck xx

  • Fiona MclellandI vote for Sam & Michael. What a picture! Must have been an amazing experience.

  • Marc SmithI vote for Samantha and Michael…A beautiful couple in a beautiful setting… totally enchanting

  • susannah boanasI would like to vote for a most original and beautiful photo of Samantha and Michael

  • Chloe BerryI vote for Michael & Samantha 🙂

  • Lauren SchiaJOE AND ELLIE-MAY!!!!!

  • Sharon HoodI vote for Michael and Samantha

  • Helen ProsserI vote for Michael & Samantha 🙂

  • Chloe SmithI vote for Michael and Samantha, number 12. What a fantastic photograph of them together!

  • Natalie StreetMichael and Samantha, stunning!

  • Jamie FlynnI vote for Michael and Samantha

  • HelenDefinitely Michael and Samantha. It looks so beautiful!

  • Jon DigbyI vote for Michael and Samantha’s waterfall wedding shot.

  • Jo RoffeyI vote for Joe & Ellie-may – a perfect photo for a perfect day!

  • Luke RoffeyI vote for Joe & Ellie-may – fantastic photo!

  • nicolesam and michael

  • Patricia SuttonI think the most beautiful photo is of the most beautiful couple Michael and Samantha. Their radiance is ‘captured’ in the photo and multiplied by the radiance of the water. An altogether magical photo

  • Nuria VellonThis is a gorgeous picture of Michael and Samantha. Stunning photo and beautiful setting!

  • Tizzy MorganI vote Steph and Si, its the most beautiful picture!! The atmosphere captured is amazing!!

  • jemmaVote for 12. Michael & Samantha

  • Nina PaineI’m voting for Samantha & Michael. Gorgeous pic.x

  • Arran BeesSam & Michael get my vote, stunning photo!

  • Debbie HaareI vote for Anne Marie and Ben! Number 10 – gorgeous classic black and white

  • GabyI Vote for Anne Marie and Ben number 10. Beautiful shot!!!

  • Chris MossI vote for Sam and Michael

  • Tara SuttonI vote for Sam and Michael

  • mitra williamsi vote for ben and anne marie….though, there is some serious competition there!

  • John KingI vote Anne Marie and Ben

  • James wicksI vote Anne and Ben number 10. Great shot!!

  • Pete Wicks10. Anne and Ben

  • Gideoni vote for joe and elliemay, lovely picture, amazing couple. joe…….what a guy, i mean yes joe…..yes!!!!!!

  • Eve DoveSamantha and Michael – what a romantic, beautiful moment captured!

  • Claudia and MylesWe LOVE the picture of Samantha and Michael!!!

  • Stephen HolderNo. 3 Andrew & Emily features a wonderful expression on the bride’s face, with the couple beautifully framed by the church door and will plenty of interesting action going on around them. It was a nice touch to include the rose window.

    My vote, however, goes to no. 6 Priyan & Hester, because its such a beautiful shot of the couple in a fabulous architectural setting. Black and white is a good choice for showing off the pattern of the fan vaulting on the ceiling. The lighting is fabulous and the timing is spot on, with the couple just in front of the bright spot on the floor and the bride moving her outer leg forward. I love the way their bodies are angled towards each other, the way their hands cross in the space between them, the way the groom is down and back at his bride, and the billowing dress behind, just catching the light.

  • Jake RoffeyI vote Joe & Ellie-may !

  • Andy RoffeyI vote Joe & Ellie-may! Great photo!

  • Jan HareI vote for Joe & Ellie-May. Wonderful photos which added to a really lovely day – to be remembered forever!!

  • Peter SuttonI vote for Sam and Michael a stunning photo of a beautiful couple

  • AndreaMore than a few gorgeous shots to choose from but my vote goes to Samantha and Michael. I think its tender and original!

  • DavidI vote for Michael & Samantha

  • Kelly SuttonI vote for Sam and Michael. A magical photo

  • Wendy O'SullivanI vote for Samantha and Michael.

  • JadeI vote for Samanthan & Michael.

  • Natasha ChristieI vote Sam & Michael

  • simon kearsi vote for Michael & Samantha

  • Dan MarshamSam & Michael

  • ami alaniSamantha and Michael get my vote, absolutely gorgeous setting and couple!

  • Gemma PrebbleIt has to be Simon and Stephanie. It is every girls dream in print!

  • Kate DrewellI vote for Sam and Michael. It it just the most beautiful picture

  • Crispin CoulsonA beautiful composition. I vote for Sam and Michael’s lovely photo

  • Sarah Goudiei vote for Samantha and Michael

  • Elena KrunchevaI would like to vote for Samantha and Michael, one of my favorite wedding couple. They look so beautiful and really in love in the nice Pirin’s river surrounding.Good Luck!

  • MouseI vote Michael and Samantha. Best. Wedding. Photos. Ever

  • Lorraine DaviesI vote for Sam and Michael

  • KayI vote for Michael and Samantha, what a fantastic location!

  • Jayne StoneI vote for Samantha and Michael!! Gorgeous picture!!! XX

  • Martin RandallMichael and Sam all the way…

  • Roger EyersI vote for Michael and Samantha

  • darlene beavisI vote for Samantha and Michael a beautiful couple loved by many people. This picture is stunning.

  • Martin HealeDefinitely Michael and Samantha. Different and stylish.

  • KatieI vote for Samantha and Michael. It certainly is brave!

  • ToniI vote Michael & Samantha. Great shot

  • Mark FrostI’m voting for this one!

  • Steven WalkinshawSam and Michael to win – best photo by a mile

  • Louise JohnsonI vote for Michael and Samantha!

  • Karen SayerDefinately vote for Michael and Samantha!

  • Karen DigbyI vote for Michael and Samantha. A beautiful couple in a picture perfect setting.

  • JanetI vote for Michael and Samantha who both look stunning

  • Tracey GeevesMy vote is for Sam & Michael.
    Lovely picture.

  • Mel KingI vote Michael and Sam

  • ClaireDefinitely Michael and Sam – I have never seen such amazing scenery for a wedding photo. Very cool !

  • RebeccaI vote Michael & Samantha

  • Raj AujlaI vote Michael and Sam

  • Lana Pattinson-HardenI Vote Sam and Michael

  • Paul DeanGot to be Michael and Samantha. Great shot

  • Mark FrostI vote Michael and Samantha!

  • Barrie FurgussonI vote Michael & Samantha. Super shot

  • Jenny WrightMy favourite is No. 12 Michael & Samantha. What a unique setting for a wedding photo. Absolutely stunning!

  • BevI vote Michael and Samantha.

  • LizI vote for Sam and Micheal – great piccies!

  • chris scarrsam & michael in the waterfall

  • laura isaaci really like Samantha and Michaels picture – it is such an idylic surroundig and looks like something i could only dream of, samantha and Michael to win!!!

  • Matthew HardenMichael & Samantha. A truly stunning setting. The most Beautiful bride of all. And my brother aint half a hansom devil.

  • VictoriaI vote for Michael & Sam!!! This is a very picturesque photo and the couple look stunning…..

  • Chris FenlonI vote for Michael & Samantha. Wonderful

  • Andrew FenlonMichael And Samantha (12). What a brilliant shot!!

  • GrifterMichael and samantha get the grifters vote. Wicked photo. Happy days

  • SiuI vote for Michael & Sam – brilliant picture

  • CharlotteI vote number 10 – Anne and Ben. Love this shot, pictures fabulous!

  • AzI’d like to vote for 12. Michael & Samantha – must have been tough to get in that spot and photo manages to capture the light and fluidity of the water perfectly with impressively sharp focus on the subjects. Also nice dress.

  • Nicola MartinI vote for Michael and Samantha – to have the sun shining down on them at that moment makes it a winning photo

  • jon millerMichael and Samantha. Its gorgeous innit!

  • AlanahBen and Anne Marie- you can just see how happy they are x

  • MelI vote for Sam & Michael- the photo is absolutely beautiful!

  • Neil Harden12. Michael & Samantha, gets my vote. Biased yes, but damn those kids looked great!

  • Chris HarrawayI vote for Michael and Samantha, very cool.

  • James Purnell (JP)Michael & Samantha. Stunning photo for a stunning couple.

  • emily doddDefinately no.12 Samantha and Michael. Beautiful setting and beautiful people!

  • Norma PurnellI vote for Micheal and Samantha. I think the water fall adds a smashing dimention and is very rare and gives the photo a romantic feel.

  • Russ GrantI vote for Sam & Michael

  • Michelle DruryI vote for Sam and Michael, what a stunning photo.

  • SarahI vote No.10 Anne Marie and Ben 🙂

  • lucasi vote 10. Ben & Anne Marie

  • SamI vote for Anne Marie and Ben

  • VerityI vote for 10. Ben & Anne Marie. The blurred background makes the photo completely focused on the bride & groom which captures the moment. You can see they’re having fun!

  • Robyn TAll beautiful pictures, but i vote for Ben and Anne Marie… 🙂

  • Alexandra AkrongI vote Anne Marie and Ben 🙂

  • Juliette SeymourLove Samantha and Michael’s Picture … magical!

  • YvonneI vote Michael & Samantha, the blatant winners!

  • ADRIANi vote for joe and ellie may , beautiful shot is a shopping centre, photographers will understand

  • Lois WilsonI vote for Joe and Ellie May “Beautiful Couple” 🙂

  • Joe blowersI vote for joe and elliemay. Anything with my lovly wife in deserves to win.

  • rachaelMichael and sam

  • MarkI vote for Michael & Samantha

  • NicI vote for Ben and Anne Marie – beautiful photo.

  • CaptureItAdrian, what an excellent comment!

    Who’d have thought that this was the back of Bluewater just off of the M25?!

  • Laura BlenkinsopI vote for Ben and Anne Marie’s photo- its stunning!!!

  • Samantha MorganI vote for Anne-Marie & Ben. The image epitomises love and they look so completely natural. It is a truely beautiful shot and so perfectly captures the moment.

  • Ita OI'DonovanI vote for Anne Marie and Ben

  • AnnMy vote goes to Samantha and Michael

  • Amy HartiganI vote for Michael and Samantha – beautiful waterfall photo

  • rory corstorphineGreat photo

  • CaptureItThanks! But which one?

  • JoshuaI vote Michael and Sam – Such a unique shot

  • Joeseph YMichael and Sam by far

  • Dan CMy vote goes to Michael and Samantha – I love this idea

  • Sean ThomasMichael and Sam

  • Sophie wellerMichael and Sam! How gorgeous is that!?

  • soleil pickeringMichael and sams photo is the best one

  • ben harbridgeHi Captureit – I vote for Michael and Sam

  • Davide BettoniI vote for Simon and Stephanie-wow! They are straight out of the pages of a victorian love story with a very modern edge!

  • annAlexey and Olga – just superb!

  • Dave Rudleyi vote anne and ben all the way, no question. other photos are nice but this one stands out

  • lexy warrenMichael and sam to win! 🙂

  • lucille hindMy favorite is michael and sams – so original- and yes very brave considering you were wearing a beautiful vera wang dress!

  • hannah bishopMy vote also goes to michael and sam, this would look lovely in an elegent frame – what a day to remember!

  • abbey banbridgeI think michael and sams is just so original ive never seen anything like it!

  • parminder sidhuMichael and sams is the best

  • george tunnicliffeMichael and Samantha

  • holly mitchellI vote for Michael and Sam, Simply the best!!! 🙂

  • eileen webbMichael and Sam – this would be lovely as a copy in person you very much deserve it- all the best

  • lee statsMichael and Sam

  • andrew houganI vote for michael and sam – good luck

  • mick haynesi think michael and sam deserve to win, i am a non-biased voter and i truly think this photo stands out as unique but genious.

  • hope audridgeI wish michael and sam all the best, this is a lovely photo. very serene

  • LuAnne and Ben should so win! Its a proper wedding picture. The others are nice but this is a classic wedding photograph and should win wedding photo of 2009!

  • Keiran CMichael and sam. This is such a lovely photo.

  • PhotoLoverSamantha and Michael! The scenery is just fab!

  • Janka FMichael and Samantha – wow I wish I had something interesting like this taken at my wedding!

  • Tonya DhindsaI most deffinatly have to go with anne and ben! Not only is the capture lovely but also how natural it is!

  • Joshua Dhindsaanne and ben, is the best capture!

  • Kal dhindsai vote anne and ben, its a gorgous capture

  • Dave Dhindsaanne and ben!

  • Bibban Bahdmost deffinatly anne and ben!

  • Rachel ClancyI vote Anne Marie and Ben

  • Alison Rudleyi vote for Anne and Ben

  • Lynda PhillipsI vote for Anne and Ben

  • Mandy Gallowayben and anne marie, definitely

  • Isabel Lee-PearseI vote for Ben and Anne-Marie! Beautiful!

  • Emily BurrI vote Si and Steph, the sunlight in this photo is amazing, stunning photography well done!

  • Steven EllisI vote for Ben & Anne Marie – wonderful shot

  • sammy mooreMichael and Sam

  • Tamara PatelI vote for Samantha and Michael

  • martin forbesMy vote is for Michael and Samantha -how magical!

  • skye LMichael and sams is great- the lighting is perfect

  • jonathan hinckleyMichael and Sam

  • Ann Marie Gardneri vote for sam and michael

  • Dani SullivanI think michael and sam should win – congrats guys on such a great shot

  • emma shankleyI vote for michael and sam – gorgeous! 🙂

  • leila gunaydinhello! I think michael and sams is the best shot!

  • GloriaMichael and Sam

  • Riaan Ki vota michael and sam

  • helen welchMichael and sam! – brill!

  • Karen MAlthough all the photos are beautiful (congrats to you all) I vote for Michael and sam as it stands out as a very original idea


  • Anna padySamantha and Michaels is my fav

  • H SmithersMichael and Sam

  • Bradley CookMichael and sam – the scenery is just GREAT

  • May MantonMichael and Sam to win – good one capture it

  • JamesAnne and Ben.. the focus is totally on the couple and their happiness on their wedding day, nothing else distracts you. Brilliant shot!

  • Ashleigh TilleyI vote for Anne Marie and Ben!

  • Paul GregoryI vote for number 10 Anne-Marie and Ben

  • Elisabeth TakacsAnnie and Ben to definitely win!

  • CaptureItCompetition now closed!

    If you leave a comment now, your vote will not be counted but you may still be charged the full network rate. 🙂