Wedding Photo of 2009 – The Results

First of all we wanted to say a massive thank you to all that joined in with this post. As mad & sad artists we desperately want to know what others think of our work. So it’s very rewarding to see so many positive and appreciative comments. Quite a few comments were from people totally unrelated to the couples, such as photographers and other wedding service providers. We will certainly be asking you all to join in next year.

So, with no further ado, with a massive 149 votes, the winner is:

12. Michael & Samantha
bride and groom sitting on the rocks in a beautiful waterfall

Congratulations Michael & Samantha, you will receive a 10×8 Desktop Acrylic mounted photo worth £95.

Photographer: Richard

Story: This is actually the day after Michael & Sam’s wonderful wedding in Bulgaria.

Why we like it: It’s the coming together of the elements that we think makes this image so romantic. The way that the sunlight is picking out the couple just as Michael kisses Samantha gently on the neck. Also, the water has enough blur to show it’s moving but not too much to lose the ‘freshness’. We also have to give full credit to Sam for braving the water in her beautiful Vera Wang wedding dress.

So Richard wins this year – much to his delight. Here are the other images we included with a little explanation as to who took them and why we like them so much:

1. Giles & Helen
Bride comforts pageboy at a weddingPhotographer: Sarah

    Story: This is just before Giles & Helen’s wedding ceremony at Gate Street Barn.

    Why we like it: We love the anticipation in this image. The clock showing just after 3pm, the bride comforting the nervous pageboy with his big responsibility of carrying the rings and the bridesmaid in the background watching on but still in her own world. It also shows the kindness of Helen the bride, she’s concentrating on others even though she’s probably nervous too.

    2. Tom & Jana

    Photographer: Richard

    Story: Bride arriving at Ceremony

    Why we like it: This image really concentrates on the bride and yet is unposed. The veil is beautifully framing her face and gives it a romantic feel. The sepia tone draws your eye to the face and adds a timeless quality to the image.

    3. Andrew & Emily
    Photographer: Sarah

    Story: Confetti Celebration outside Christchurch in Sheen.

    Why we like it: There is so much joy in this photograph, the bride and groom looking so happy, the young bridesmaids and pageboy having a wonderful time with the confetti and even the older ones are getting in on the action. Everyone is enjoying the moment and the angle makes you feel like you’re in there with them about to be covered in petals. The lower viewpoint also allows the whole story to unfold, you can see the church architecture as well as the peoples emotions.

    4. Joe & Ellie-May

    Photographer: Sarah

    Story:  Bluewater Shopping Centre!!

    Why we like it: The colours and setting. We were a little unsure to say the least when Joe & Ellie May said where to go for their wedding photographs but it was an inspired choice. The autumn colours really add texture and depth to this image. It also marks a change in Sarah’s photography as she is usually the one shooting the closer images but is really enjoying shooting more landscapes.

    5. Nick & Caroline

    Photographer: Richard

    Story: Painshill Park in the pouring rain.

    Why we like it: Despite the rainy conditions, we love the fact that Nick & Caroline were such happy models. The lines really lead into the couple and their fun and humour also comes through. The umbrella’s and their pose works so well with the lines of the vine trees.

    6. Priyan & Hester

    Photographer: Richard

    Story: Canterbury Cathedral

    Why we like it: Interestingly, this is the image that most photographers chose as their favourite. We put this image and another one on an online forum of photographers and it got the most votes. The architecture is fantastic with the domes and gothic ceiling. However, it’s the couple’s body language that really works best, the groom is leaning into his bride, their heads are together and the light is just perfect. The wind is just catching the beautiful flow of the dress which adds another element that works so well. It really is a decisive moment.

    7. Joshua & Allison

    Photographer: Richard

    Story: Winters day at Buxted Park

    Why we like it: This image was taken in a dark corrider which had been decorated with atmospheric lanterns. The ordinary location belies the beauty and feel of this image and the emotion between the couple.

    8. Alexey & Olga

    Photographer: Sarah

    Story: The Pearl Bar at Renaissance Chancery Court Hotel in Holborn .

    Why we like it: The couple are having a quiet moment together and Sarah has captured them through the pearl beads at the side of the sofa, the bride’s face is not obscured by the pearls but they are still there to give a feeling of intimacy and observation. A classy couple, location and photograph.

    9. Simon & Stephanie

    Photographer: Sarah

    Story: Wedding at Chilham Village in Kent.

    Why we like it: During the wedding breakfast Sarah spotted this fabulous light on the field across from the venue. The sunset was beautiful and both Simon & Stephanie were so attentive to each other. We love the way Simon is gently kissing Steph’s hand in such an old fashioned romantic way. It was one of those occasions when everything just came together at the right time.

    10. Ben & Anne Marie

    Photographer: Sarah

    Story: Winter Wedding at Orchardleigh Estate, Somerset

    Why we like it: This was just at the end of the reception and the weather was really cold. Ben & Anne Marie were so lovely to photograph and were happy to stay out in the fading light for the last few shots. We love the romance in this image, the couple are sharing a private moment together and look so in love but also such good friends. The depth of field gives it a wonderful feeling of seclusion and intimacy.

    11. Daniel & Angharad

    Photographer: Richard

    Story: Just after their first dance at Woburn Sculpture Abbey.

    Why we like it: The chaos and noise all around them as everyone piles onto the dance floor and yet the couple are sharing their special moment together oblivious to it all. It feels like a moment in a movie when the background music is gradually muted and you share that instance of seclusion with the couple. In amongst the hustle and bustle of life they always have each other.