Wedding Photo 2010 – Competition

As some of you know, every year we have a friendly little competition between us to see who got ‘wedding photo of the year’. The problem is that we may choose a particular shot because we know how difficult it was to get it at the time rather than on the basis of how good a photo it is. (e.g. Some of our couples decided to practically run back down the aisle while we were trying to a) overtake them, b) carry all our gear and c) get that all-important aisle shot!)

So, we thought it would be good to get you involved as un-biased judges. Although you may not remain un-biased when we tell you that the winning couple will receive a stunning 10″x8″ table top acrylic photo worth £95.

We’ve narrowed our favourites down to 24 (12 of Richard’s and 12 of Sarah’s). Please leave a comment at the end of the post telling us your favourites and, if you like, why you chose them. It may take a day or two before your comment appears as we have to approve every one in order to foil those pesky spammers. We will count up the votes and announce the winning shot and therefore the winning couple.

There are a couple of changes to how it was done last year. First, we’ve chosen our personal favourites from all the weddings, so some couples may have more than one image. Second, you may vote for more than one photo. We want you to vote for your favourite image as well as your favourite couple!!

Voting will close in 4 weeks time or sooner if there’s a clear leader.

Many thanks for taking part and enjoy!

1. Evening Shot at Syon Park

2. Couple Kiss at Beech Court Gardens

3. Emotional Bride

4. Bride signing register

5. Kiss at Royal Ascot Race Course

6. Sepia toned kiss at Gate Street Barn

7. Bride walks down staircase at Highclere Castle

8. Bridesmaids enjoying afternoon tea

9. Ceremony Glance

10. Lips

11. Groom getting ready

12. Sunset Kiss at Bury Court Barn

13. Bridesmaid Laughing

14. Groom at Loch Ness

15. First Dance at Syon Park

16. Bride at Gate Street Barn

17. Loch Ness

18. Emotional Groom at Syon Park

19. Bride in mirror

20. Japanese Tea House at Fanhams Hall

21. First Dance embrace at Highclere Castle

22. Walk along Richmond Hill

23. Sepia Kiss

24. Sunset Kiss at Gate Street Barn