Wedding at Gate Street Barn, Surrey – Jack & Laura

The miniature bride and groom made out of icing on their brilliant wedding cake sum Jack and Laura up perfectly: The groom is into music and the bride loves her horses and the countryside. So what better venue for their wedding then the wonderful Gate Street Barn.

There were so many great moments at this wedding and some firsts for us as wedding photographers to capture.

For example Jack and Laura had three modes of transport at their wedding: The Armstrong Siddeley chauffeured by Brian from Bluebell cars, Laura’s father’s beautifully restored Morgan and the horse drawn carriage that the couple left the church in. Obviously in keeping with the horse theme for the bride!

Then the reception had a music theme for Jack. The best man’s hilarious speech included the ushers doing an intro competition (in the style of a popular music quiz show) to test Jack’s music knowledge and also delivered a sterling rendition of Laura’s ‘favourite’ song by Peter Andre!!

However the thrill of the evening was Laura arranging a surprise performance by Jack’s favourite artist David Ford. He was superb and all the guests were treated to a brilliant evenings entertainment.

Here are just a few of our favourite images, we hope you enjoy them.

Oh and special mention has to go to Mary of Mary’s Cake Parlour. for her stunning Gate Street Barn Cake.

bride getting ready smiles at the makeup artist
bride puts on dress and looks at bridesmaid
nice picture of bride sitting on a window seat
cute happy flower girl getting ready
pageboy with frog ring cushion
bride arrives and looks out of the car window
pretty little flower girl lit by the light coming through the church door
three women at the back of the church get ready to take photos of the procession
lovely black and white portrait of bride caught by the light
flower girl walks down the aisle one shoe off
bride and her father walk down the aisle
bride and her father both look at the groom
wedding guest strains to see the ceremony
wedding couple listen to the sermon
confetti is thrown at the married couple
pageboy plays hide and seek
usher with toy umbrella
horse drawn carriage for the wedding couple
bride and groom with the car outside gate street barn
brides veil flows in the wind while in a vintage Morgan car
portrait of bride by a willow tree
wedding couple pose next to a fence with the countryside behind them
bride with her arms around her husband
wedding couple outside the barn at gate street
bride looks lovingly at her groom
portrait of the groom
portrait of the bride at gate street
couple sitting on a bench
pageboy plays on the fence at gate street barn
wedding guest admires the grooms wedding ring
wedding guest enjoys her glass of white wine
wedding cake make to look like gate street barn in Surrey
closeup of wedding cake showing groom playing his guitar and bride on her horse
father of the bride cautions the groom during his speech
bridegroom points at himsels
best man and ushers during the best mans speech
David Ford sings and plays keyboards at wedding
bridegroom is David Fords biggest fan
wedding party sing along with David Ford