Stylish Wedding at Syon Park, London – Alan & Sharan

Sharan and Sarah met up a few weeks ago to go through the plan for Alan and Sharan’s wedding at Syon Park in west London. Sharan showed Sarah a picture of her dress and Sarah was very impressed! The detail, the fabric, everything about it was gorgeous and Sarah just knew it was a going to be a totally stylish and beautiful wedding.

The couple really love the style of Great Gatsby film and wanted to incorporate some of those details into their special day; a day that already promised to be interesting in combining British and Asian cultures.

We’re sure you’ll agree that Alan and Sharan make a gorgeous couple and that the whole day was beautiful. There was lots to look at and some awesome, dramatic lighting for the evening that ended with a romantic departure through an aisle of sparklers!

We hope you enjoy some of our favourite images:

bride smiles at her own reflection while getting ready
brides eye seen reflected in a handheld mirror
bride checks out her appearance by using 2 mirrors
father checks his watch as the bride comes down the stairs
groom at Syon House
bride arrives in vintage car
grandfather looks on
bride bends forward to see her bridesmaids
Asian wedding at Syon Park House
bride wipes tear from her eye during civil ceremony at Syon
first kiss during wedding ceremony while parents applaud
Asian bride lit by beautiful light while signing the register
parents greet new son in law
low key shot of couple in window light at Syon
bride portrait in the green room at Syon
groom kisses brides hand romantically
bride and groom portrait at the entrance to the Great Hall at Syon
bride and groom portrait at the entrance to the Great Conservatory at Syon
husband and wife walk arm in arm at Syon
best man gives his speech by candlelight
bridal couple kiss during reception with lens flare
bride and groom spotlit during first dance
fantastic glitter ball for first dance at wedding
great night shot of the Great Consvertory at Syon
wedding guest with sparkler
asian bride and groom exit wedding while guests hold sparklers