Owain & Helen’s Wedding at the Curradine Barns, Worcestershire

Our first wedding of the year was a last minute booking in the beautiful countryside of Worcestershire.

The weather leading up to the date was not good to say the least and the journey the night before was in torrential rain!! However the Saturday turned into a clear day with some lovely winter sun to warm us up.

Owain and Helen had put so much effort into the little touches for their day which meant that we got some great fun pictures.

Here are Owain and his brother and best man Huw.

Groom and Best Man at wedding

The theme of the wedding was snowflakes and icicles and as we hadn’t had enough snow for the last few weeks (hmmm) a fake snow machine was needed. Ably steered by Dan; one of the ushers!

Fake snow machine at wedding

Groom and ushers putting on buttonholes

Groom walks to wedding

And so on to the girl’s preparations:

Bride looks in mirror on wedding day
Bridesmaid at wedding

A quick check that everything is running to ‘The Schedule’:

Bride checks wedding schedule

Then on to the serious bit of getting married:

Groom and best man waiting for bride

Bride and Father walking down aisle at Curradine Barns

Bride & Groom's first kiss

The snow machine was a great success and none of that dangerous ice afterwards:

Bridal Party in Snow

The scenery around the barns was stunning and we were rewarded with some lovely winter sunshine:

View from Curradine Barns

Wedding couple kiss at Curradine Barns

Wedding at Curradine Barns

There were several games on hand to amuse the guests, including Jenga:

Guest loses at Jenga

Wedding guest plays Jenga

Wedding guest loses at Jenga

The snowflake theme was carried on inside the barn:

Snowflake wedding detail

Detail at Curradine Barns wedding

Including Ice Sculptures with snowflakes frozen into the designs:

Clamshell Ice Sculpture

Wine cooler ice sculpture at wedding

The guests then released paper lanterns into the sky. Some say that these explain the UFO sightings in nearby Droitwich; we couldn’t possibly comment!

Paper Lanterns in  Night Sky

Guests release lanterns at wedding

Bridesmaid releases lantern at wedding

Wedding guests release lanterns at wedding