London Wedding in Islington

This central London wedding of Jed and Anna was absolutely brilliant! We’ve always said that what really makes a good wedding for us is when a couple just enjoy the day, are affectionate with each other and are into photography. Well this new husband and wife had all that and more!

Everybody was really happy the whole day. Except, maybe, the dog at the hairdressers. We think he looks decidedly unimpressed with all the fuss.

bride at the hairdressers while a dog sits on her lap unimpressed
bride to be banner shown with bride in the background

Is the sign on the cinema telling Jed he mustn’t be late?

groomsmen walk past a cinema sign saying only god forgives

Jed didn’t realise that the driver of this double decker bus is waving her congratulations.

groom and ushers cross in front of a London red bus

The weather for last Saturday was practically perfect for wedding photography. It was bright but also soft.

bride puts on an earing with bridesmaid in the background
high key photo of bride in white dress standing in a white corridor
bride looks happy as she goes to get married
low key shot of a bride walking down the stairs towards the light

The bridesmaids loved, loved, loved their prom style dresses! Whenever they had a spare moment they were spinning around and around.

bridesmaids spin in their cool prom style dresses

The council chamber at Islington is a great place for a wedding ceremony. The light is good and because the chamber is round, everyone gets a good view of the couple.

wedding ceremony in council chamber at Islington Town Hall
bride and groom smile at each other during the ceremony

The way the council chamber is laid out means that all are facing the couple to applaud them when married.

rapturous applause for the new mr and mrs
bride and groom observed through doors slightly ajar
wedding couple exit from the London town hall

Jed seems to really enjoy it when stuff is thrown at him!

bridegroom cheers while confetti is thrown

The reception was held at the Rotunda restaurant which is on the Regents Canal. The canal and long boats make for some great photo locations.

bridal couple by the Regents Canal
kisses by the canal

We’re both really pleased with these silhouette shots. One is Richard’s and one is Sarah’s but we won’t say which is which just in case we enter them into a competition.

silhouette photo with colourful barges or long boats
vintage style wedding photo of couple under the bridge

Richard is also pleased with this next shot. He’s timed it just right with the reflection in the window to the left.

couple walk hand in hand alongside the Rotunda restaurant Kings Cross

The waiters at the Rotunda are very efficient!

red and white wine poured simultaneously by the waiters

It had been quite difficult to get this little one to look at the camera during the group shots but there was no stopping her later.

enigmatic child stares into the camera during speeches

The MC summed it up perfectly when after his speech, he thanked the best man for the best five minutes of our lives. We’ve been to hundreds and hundreds of weddings but this really was the very best we’ve ever heard. The best man, Scott, didn’t even know he was going to have to give it so it was all ad lib. Perhaps Scott didn’t intend it to be as funny as it was but it was priceless. Just as well our lenses are image stabilising as we were laughing so much.

heads in hands for the wedding speech
wedding party raise their glasses of champagne

The inside of the building at King’s Place is a complete contrast to the outside. The canal and bridges suggest old time, vintage photography whereas inside is all modern and cool lighting.

wedding couple inside the Rotunda building
bride and groom reflected in the escalator
fun first dance
couple laugh during their first dance as husband and wife
cheesy dancing

What do you think? Did the guy catch the bouquet or not?

man tries to catch bouquet

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