Jamie & Amy’s wedding at the Preston Cross Hotel, Surrey

We’ve never seen a ring quite like Amy’s before. It was in 4 parts; the 3 rightmost in the picture plus her engagement ring. And it didn’t take too long to put on in the ceremony either!

One or two people were clearly delighted to see Amy arrive at the church.

Jamie & Amy’s 2 daughters were their flower girls.

Saturday was the sunniest and hottest day of the year so far. Normally it’s a good thing to have sunshine on the wedding but for wedding photographers it presents a real challenge. We are often looking for the shade in order to control the contrast

There was a bouncy castle which was great for some ‘off-the-wall’ shots.

It was almost too exciting for some.

When Amy threw her bouquet the prospective brides stood back and let it hit the ground. This is because they caught like a bunch a girls.

Fortunately there was a real girl on hand to quickly scoop it up.

Jamie and Amy’s first dance involved the whole family.

Although there were some private moments too.