Daniel & Angharad’s Wedding at the Sculpture Gallery, Woburn Abbey

This first photo wasn’t actually taken by us. Richard gave his camera to one of the ushers, also called Richard, who was sitting opposite to Daniel in the pub. Richard the usher is a lawyer and raised an interesting question: Who owns the copyright of this image? It was Capture It’s equipment, Capture It’s artistic vision and direction but it wasn’t Capture it that released the shutter at the decisive moment.

(Famous reportage photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson defines the decisive moment as that moment when someone in the background is making a silly face.)

Groom in pub

Meanwhile, Angharad or ‘Harry’ to her friends, is calmly getting ready for the big day.

Bride puts on makeup

We loved Harry’s Elaine Closs dress.

Bride in Elaine Closs dress

Back of Elaine Closs dress

Although there also were others at the wedding looking pretty chic.

Little girl wearing beret

At the start of the day the weather was fairly dull but the autumn colours were beautiful.

Groom and ushers walk through leaves to the church

Bride and father walk down the aisle

Bride puts on Groom's wedding ring

Dan and Harry had 2.5 witnesses for their wedding. Here you see Harry’s sister Hannah and Harry’s 6 day old little neice signing the register.

Brides sister signs register

Nan laughing at the church

By the time we came out from the ceremony, the weather had completely changed into a wonderfully, sunny autumn day.

Bride and Groom walk from church

On the way to Woburn Abbey for the reception, the skies were really dramatic.

Wedding car under dramatic skies

Even the wildlife at Woburn Abbey posed for us.

Deer at Woburn Abbey

closer photo of deer at Woburn Abbey

wedding at Woburn Abbey

bride and groom in the sculpture gallery at woburn abbey

Bride and Groom in the grounds at Woburn Abbey

Daniel and Angharad in the grounds at Woburn Abbey

Bride and Groom in romantic embrace

The speeches were excellent.

father of the bride gives his speech

speeches in the sculpture gallery

We like it when the groom’s speech is both funny and endearing.

bride slaps head during grooms speech

Groom's speech

a moment shared during groom's speech

Dan and Harry chose the brilliant Superphonic for their band. Here is their website: www.superphonic.biz


first dance

At the end of the evening, Dan sang a specially composed rock song to his wife.

Groom sings

Groom sings to his bride

couple kiss in the sculpture gallery

wedding couple in the sculpture gallery