Ben & Anne Marie’s Wedding at Orchardleigh House, Frome, Somerset

We had heard of the Orchardleigh Estate for weddings and were keen to see it for ourselves. The church on the estate is actually situated on its own little island and reportedly is a special place to get married.

We were a bit worried about the weather as the forecast was a bit grim. On Friday, when we arrived at the excellent guesthouse (called The Plaine which we’ll tell you about in a later post) the landlord even apologised for the rain.

However, the next day it started off grey but brightened up beautifully for Ben & Anne. Ben & Anne were another wonderful couple to work with and full credit to them for going out into the bright but cold evening light for us.

Here are some of our favourites:

the girls in their gowns before the wedding

bride having makeup put on

bride coming down stairs at Orchardleigh House

back of brides dress

church on Orchardleigh Estate

Here you can see the little island that the church is on and how you have to cross the bridge to get to it.

church island at Orchardleigh Estate

Inside the church there is little room and very little ambient light which makes for some good atmospheric shots.

couple at end of aisle

bridesmaid looks back

exchange of wedding rings

first kiss

kiss in church arch

confetti shot

castle on Orchardleigh Estate

wedding couple in front of portcullis

wedding couple practice first dance

bride in castle arch

wedding couple in castle arch

Ben and Anne Marie

groom kisses bride as sun goes down

Orchardleigh House

The best man’s speech was outrageous and Ben was obviously reconsidering his choice for best man. According to the best man however, Ben’s speech as best man at his wedding made his seem a bit tame.

groom reacts to best mans speech

Happily, Anne Marie’s speech made it all better.

bride gives her speech

The couple’s first dance was brilliant and great to photograph.

first dance at wedding

couple enjoy first dance at wedding