Andy & Claire’s wedding at Ham Polo Club, Surrey

A discussion of the weather at a wedding is frequently mentioned in our blog posts. It is one of the things that couples worry about the most. They wonder if they can still enjoy the wedding if it’s pouring down with rain. Well, the weather at this wedding went from one extreme to another. We had light rain in the morning, brilliant sunshine for about 40 minutes in the afternoon and torrential rain during the early part of the evening.

The answer is yes, you can still have a brilliant wedding whatever the weather, as you’ll see from our favourite photos here:

Can you see the dark clouds in the background?

Claire and her father enjoy a quiet drink together as they wait for the car to return and take them to the ceremony.

This is taken inside because it is now raining lightly outside.

At about 10 past 4 we took Claire and Andy out for some photos around Richmond. It is still raining a bit.

Just ten minutes later and there’s no rain and the sun is coming out.

This is just half an hour after the rain.

But 20 minutes later there is the heaviest downpour we’ve ever seen at a wedding.

But while it threw it down outside we were all inside listening to some very funny speeches.

One of great things about dramatic weather is that after it all you can get some dramatic sunsets.

We are always delighted with the dance shots at Ham Polo Club. Andy and Claire’s first dance started off elegant and romantic and gradually got very, very funky! It was brilliant; absolutely brilliant!