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Warren House Wedding – Bob & Shirley

Bob & Shirley’s approach to their wedding was very relaxed which allowed everyone else to also relax and have a good time.

There were a couple of things that really made us laugh too. There was the little girl that was fascinated by the choir up until the moment they started to sing! At this point she put her hands over her ears. The members of the choir noticed this and started to laugh making it very difficult to continue singing.

Bob parked his beautiful Facel Vega car outside the church much to several passers-by delight and a friendly traffic warden decided to put a ‘fake ticket’ on the windscreen as an early wedding present.

Despite being at Warren House just a week before, we love seeing how each couple makes their wedding unique and decorates the venue to their individual taste. Bob and Shirley chose the stunning Ballroom at Warren House for their wedding breakfast instead of the dining room and the table decorations and flowers by the amazing Brian Kirkby were gorgeous.

After speeches it was on to the dance floor for some great music and dancing.

We hope you enjoy some of our favourite images:

warren-house-wedding-photography-bsr1-01Pin IT
warren-house-wedding-photography-bsr1-02Pin IT
warren-house-wedding-photography-bsr1-03Pin IT
warren-house-wedding-photography-bsr1-04Pin IT
warren-house-wedding-photography-bsr1-05Pin IT
warren-house-wedding-photography-bsr1-06Pin IT
warren-house-wedding-photography-bsr1-07Pin IT
warren-house-wedding-photography-bsr1-08Pin IT
warren-house-wedding-photography-bsr1-09Pin IT
warren-house-wedding-photography-bsr1-10Pin IT
warren-house-wedding-photography-bsr1-11Pin IT
warren-house-wedding-photography-bsr1-12Pin IT
warren-house-wedding-photography-bsr1-13Pin IT
warren-house-wedding-photography-bsr1-14Pin IT
warren-house-wedding-photography-bsr1-15Pin IT
warren-house-wedding-photography-bsr1-16Pin IT
warren-house-wedding-photography-bsr1-17Pin IT
warren-house-wedding-photography-bsr1-18Pin IT
warren-house-wedding-photography-bsr1-19Pin IT
warren-house-wedding-photography-bsr1-20Pin IT
warren-house-wedding-photography-bsr1-21Pin IT
warren-house-wedding-photography-bsr1-22Pin IT
warren-house-wedding-photography-bsr1-23Pin IT
warren-house-wedding-photography-bsr1-24Pin IT
warren-house-wedding-photography-bsr1-25Pin IT
warren-house-wedding-photography-bsr1-26Pin IT
warren-house-wedding-photography-bsr1-27Pin IT
warren-house-wedding-photography-bsr1-28Pin IT
warren-house-wedding-photography-bsr1-29Pin IT
warren-house-wedding-photography-bsr1-30Pin IT

  • May 10, 2014 - 6:50 pm

    ROGER ROBINSON - Excellent photos

  • May 11, 2014 - 10:18 am

    Jacqueline Moore - Dear Bob and Shirley

    Truly beautiful photos which capture your wedding day so well, you can feel the love and happiness as you look through these lovely images of you both, the people around you, family and friends.
    Sending you both love, happiness and good health always.

    Jacqui & Aziz

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