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Syon Park Wedding – Mark & Leila

There is something so special about the golden autumn light that we love. Mark & Leila had the most amazing light for their wedding and it was a joy for us to be part of their special day.

They are such a generous, warm and friendly couple. Right from our first meeting, when Leila insisted on feeding us and we sat out in the their garden hearing their wedding plans, we knew his was going to be a brilliant day.

Leila got ready at the Richmond Hill Hotel with the girls, meanwhile Mark got ready with the guys at home, where pretty much everyone was called Richard!! There was Richard the best man, two ushers named Richard and of course Richard the photographer!

After a beautiful ceremony with both of Leila’s parents walking her down the aisle, the guests enjoyed drinks and delicious canapes by Create. It was a delight to work with the brilliant Sophie and her team who had, along with the couple, created really personalised food that reflected the diverse cultures at the wedding.

During the reception, the couple played a ‘Mr & Mrs’ style game where guests asked the couple questions and using each other’s shoes they had to answer ‘who was most likely to…?’. It was great fun and a brilliant way to find out more about the couple.

After some great speeches it was time to start the evening party with the dancing and then at midnight the couple exited to sparklers. We want to say a big thank you to Laura at Syon Park for helping us organise it.

We hope you enjoy some of our favourite photos:

syon-park-wedding-photography-lmg1-01Pin IT
syon-park-wedding-photography-lmg1-02Pin IT
syon-park-wedding-photography-lmg1-03Pin IT
syon-park-wedding-photography-lmg1-04Pin IT
syon-park-wedding-photography-lmg1-05Pin IT
syon-park-wedding-photography-lmg1-06Pin IT
syon-park-wedding-photography-lmg1-07Pin IT
syon-park-wedding-photography-lmg1-08Pin IT
syon-park-wedding-photography-lmg1-09Pin IT
syon-park-wedding-photography-lmg1-10Pin IT
syon-park-wedding-photography-lmg1-11Pin IT
syon-park-wedding-photography-lmg1-12Pin IT
syon-park-wedding-photography-lmg1-13Pin IT
syon-park-wedding-photography-lmg1-14Pin IT
syon-park-wedding-photography-lmg1-15Pin IT
syon-park-wedding-photography-lmg1-16Pin IT
syon-park-wedding-photography-lmg1-17Pin IT
syon-park-wedding-photography-lmg1-18Pin IT
syon-park-wedding-photography-lmg1-19Pin IT
syon-park-wedding-photography-lmg1-20Pin IT
syon-park-wedding-photography-lmg1-21Pin IT
syon-park-wedding-photography-lmg1-22Pin IT
syon-park-wedding-photography-lmg1-23Pin IT
syon-park-wedding-photography-lmg1-24Pin IT
syon-park-wedding-photography-lmg1-25Pin IT
syon-park-wedding-photography-lmg1-26Pin IT
syon-park-wedding-photography-lmg1-27Pin IT
syon-park-wedding-photography-lmg1-28Pin IT
syon-park-wedding-photography-lmg1-29Pin IT
syon-park-wedding-photography-lmg1-30Pin IT
syon-park-wedding-photography-lmg1-31Pin IT
syon-park-wedding-photography-lmg1-32Pin IT
syon-park-wedding-photography-lmg1-33Pin IT
syon-park-wedding-photography-lmg1-34Pin IT
syon-park-wedding-photography-lmg1-35Pin IT
syon-park-wedding-photography-lmg1-36Pin IT
syon-park-wedding-photography-lmg1-37Pin IT
syon-park-wedding-photography-lmg1-38Pin IT
syon-park-wedding-photography-lmg1-39Pin IT
syon-park-wedding-photography-lmg1-40Pin IT

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