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Silchester House Wedding – Martyn & Nicole

Martyn & Nicole’s wedding just had to be at the wonderfully relaxing Silchester House. The beautiful venue suited the couple so well and was a perfect summer weather setting for a delightful wedding. Nicole’s parents actually live in Silchester village and as a small boy her brother Matt had dreamed of owning Silchester House, especially because of it’s intriguing clock house.

The couple really love the country feel to the venue and the grounds were perfect for all to enjoy and for us to get some great evening sunset shots. In fact the warm spring evening meant that all the guests were able to be outside until late, playing games, drinking wine, chatting and enjoying the wonderful setting.

We think we can best describe this wedding as very romantic. Several times during the day both parents commented on how much they love the way Martyn and Nicole look at each other; it’s very clear to everyone that they are in love. The best man, a very accomplished musician, even composed and performed an amazing song for the couple highlighting how they had definitely found the ‘one’. It was a perfect ending to some fantastically funny and moving speeches.

Here are just a few of our favourite images from the day.

silchester-house-wedding-photography-mne-01Pin IT
silchester-house-wedding-photography-mne-02Pin IT
silchester-house-wedding-photography-mne-03Pin IT
silchester-house-wedding-photography-mne-04Pin IT
silchester-house-wedding-photography-mne-05Pin IT
silchester-house-wedding-photography-mne-06Pin IT
silchester-house-wedding-photography-mne-07Pin IT
silchester-house-wedding-photography-mne-08Pin IT
silchester-house-wedding-photography-mne-09Pin IT
silchester-house-wedding-photography-mne-10Pin IT
silchester-house-wedding-photography-mne-11Pin IT
silchester-house-wedding-photography-mne-12Pin IT
silchester-house-wedding-photography-mne-13Pin IT
silchester-house-wedding-photography-mne-14Pin IT
silchester-house-wedding-photography-mne-15Pin IT
silchester-house-wedding-photography-mne-16Pin IT
silchester-house-wedding-photography-mne-17Pin IT
silchester-house-wedding-photography-mne-18Pin IT
silchester-house-wedding-photography-mne-19Pin IT
silchester-house-wedding-photography-mne-20Pin IT
silchester-house-wedding-photography-mne-21Pin IT
silchester-house-wedding-photography-mne-22Pin IT
silchester-house-wedding-photography-mne-23Pin IT
silchester-house-wedding-photography-mne-24Pin IT
silchester-house-wedding-photography-mne-25Pin IT
silchester-house-wedding-photography-mne-26Pin IT
silchester-house-wedding-photography-mne-27Pin IT
silchester-house-wedding-photography-mne-28Pin IT
silchester-house-wedding-photography-mne-29Pin IT
silchester-house-wedding-photography-mne-30Pin IT
silchester-house-wedding-photography-mne-31Pin IT
silchester-house-wedding-photography-mne-32Pin IT
silchester-house-wedding-photography-mne-33Pin IT
silchester-house-wedding-photography-mne-34Pin IT

  • June 5, 2014 - 9:33 pm

    Nicole Edwards - You were both absolutely wonderful – you made our day and we are already very chuffed with the photos we’ve seen! Two very talented people who also happen to be lovely (and know how to help the Groom tie his tie and have wipes in case the father of the bride gets a mark on his suit!!) Couldn’t recommend you enough! 🙂 Thanks again xxxxxx

  • June 20, 2014 - 10:54 pm

    Simon Mestas-Ball - Just amazing pictures! Wow! Never have I seen 2 people show how much they love each other captured so perfectly.

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