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Our day off in the Pirin Mountains, Bulgaria

It actually worked out cheaper for us to return from Bulgaria on the Tuesday. This gave us Monday to relax and take some photos for ourselves!

Bulgarian man with donkey in front of sports shopPin IT

street in BanskoPin IT

Bulgarian socks shopPin IT

Bulgarian housePin IT

Bulgarian house and LadaPin IT

Bulgarian women sit in the shadePin IT

view from the mountain topPin IT

Richard looks for photosPin IT

cloudscapePin IT

mountain grassPin IT

mountain landscapePin IT

mountain hutPin IT

Almost 3,000m above sea level, up a remote mountain and we meet Harvey and his brother from North London!

Harvey and his brotherPin IT

This is a picture of a washing machine. The pure water flows down from the mountain into the inverted cone where it spins the clothes round and gets them clean.

natural washing machinePin IT

Is it clever or just funny that Electrolux have an advert next to it?

natural washing machine advertPin IT

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