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Great Comp Garden Wedding Photography – Luke & Rebekah

After a bit of a cloudy and dull start, the sun came out right on time for Luke & Rebekah’s wedding last Friday. The couple had arranged to have some photos taken at Great Comp Garden in Kent and the sunshine really brought out the colours in the garden.

The website for Great Comp Garden describes it as a hidden jewel and we totally agree. When we arrived the day before the wedding to see the garden, we were told that it looks even better when more of the plants are in bloom. However, to us the garden looks absolutely stunning right now and makes a tremendous setting to have a drinks reception and some wedding photographs. The ruins in the middle of the garden only add to the beauty and romance of the place.

Luke & Rebekah had their wedding reception at The Beeches Country Pub. We have to say that the food is great and the staff provide excellent and friendly service. We’re definitely going to drop in for a meal the next time that we’re in the area.

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comp-gardens-wedding-photography-lrg1-02Pin IT
comp-gardens-wedding-photography-lrg1-03Pin IT
comp-gardens-wedding-photography-lrg1-04Pin IT
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