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Gate Street Barn Wedding – John & Carly

Gate Street Barn is so versatile and we love to see how each individual couple make it their own.

Carly & John had a beautiful rustic wedding with delicious afternoon tea and a hog roast for the evening all produced by the lovely team at Tandem Catering.

With their love of toys (check out Carly’s doll collection below – we’re sure one of them was looking at us!! Also see if you can spot John’s collection of transformers!) we knew this day was going to be lots of fun.

The talented Sophia Wyatt styled Carly’s hair and makeup and then it was off to the church for the ceremony. We love the yellow colour scheme in the flowers and the bridesmaids dresses, it made for a lovely sunny feel to the day.

John had arranged for some extra lighting to decorate the barn which worked so well in the evening for the dancing.

We had a lovely day with the couple and we hope you enjoy some of our favourite photos.

Best man helps groom to tie his tiePin IT
groom checks his tiePin IT
groom gets ready in his bedroomPin IT
gate-street-barn-wedding-photography-bcj1-04Pin IT
gate-street-barn-wedding-photography-bcj1-05Pin IT
gate-street-barn-wedding-photography-bcj1-06Pin IT
gate-street-barn-wedding-photography-bcj1-07Pin IT
gate-street-barn-wedding-photography-bcj1-08Pin IT
gate-street-barn-wedding-photography-bcj1-09Pin IT
gate-street-barn-wedding-photography-bcj1-10Pin IT
gate-street-barn-wedding-photography-bcj1-11Pin IT
gate-street-barn-wedding-photography-bcj1-12Pin IT
gate-street-barn-wedding-photography-bcj1-13Pin IT
gate-street-barn-wedding-photography-bcj1-14Pin IT
gate-street-barn-wedding-photography-bcj1-15Pin IT
gate-street-barn-wedding-photography-bcj1-16Pin IT
gate-street-barn-wedding-photography-bcj1-17Pin IT
gate-street-barn-wedding-photography-bcj1-18Pin IT
gate-street-barn-wedding-photography-bcj1-19Pin IT
gate-street-barn-wedding-photography-bcj1-20Pin IT
gate-street-barn-wedding-photography-bcj1-21Pin IT
gate-street-barn-wedding-photography-bcj1-22Pin IT
gate-street-barn-wedding-photography-bcj1-23Pin IT
gate-street-barn-wedding-photography-bcj1-24Pin IT
gate-street-barn-wedding-photography-bcj1-25Pin IT
gate-street-barn-wedding-photography-bcj1-26Pin IT
gate-street-barn-wedding-photography-bcj1-27Pin IT
gate-street-barn-wedding-photography-bcj1-28Pin IT
gate-street-barn-wedding-photography-bcj1-29Pin IT
gate-street-barn-wedding-photography-bcj1-30Pin IT
gate-street-barn-wedding-photography-bcj1-31Pin IT
gate-street-barn-wedding-photography-bcj1-32Pin IT
gate-street-barn-wedding-photography-bcj1-33Pin IT
gate-street-barn-wedding-photography-bcj1-34Pin IT
gate-street-barn-wedding-photography-bcj1-35Pin IT
gate-street-barn-wedding-photography-bcj1-36Pin IT
gate-street-barn-wedding-photography-bcj1-37Pin IT
gate-street-barn-wedding-photography-bcj1-38Pin IT
gate-street-barn-wedding-photography-bcj1-39Pin IT
gate-street-barn-wedding-photography-bcj1-40Pin IT

  • September 23, 2014 - 10:29 pm

    John Baddeley - wow just wow we love them , thank you so much for not just taking some amazing photos but being amazing people too !!

  • September 23, 2014 - 10:38 pm

    Jemma Sheer - Awwww beautiful pictures!! you both look stunning Lots of love john Boy xx

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