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Gate Street Barn Wedding – Jason & Laura

Our first 2014 wedding at Gate Street Barn and what a lovely start at such a gorgeous venue!

We are delighted to be recommended photographers at Gate Street and we love all the staff and people associated with this lovely place. There’s a feeling at Gate Street unlike any other and we always observe how much all the wedding guests relax and enjoy the day.

Jason & Laura’s day was so well organised. The overall theme or feel was rustic but with lots of beautiful personal touches scattered around the barn.

For example, the couple had collected lots of polaroid pictures of their guests and pegged them up for the guests to find and laugh over.

Laura’s dad had made loads of excellent garden games including hook the duck and splat the rat! Of course, we had to thoroughly test them before the wedding.

It was lovely to see guests of all ages enjoying being outside in the lovely sunshine.

Links to:
Tandem Catering with their delicious food – especially their Lime & Ginger Cheesecake.
Gill Pike had created some amazing flower decorations for the barn and the bouquets (more photos coming soon).
Music for the day and evening was provided by the brilliant Chris from Chess Disco he really is one of the best, if not the best DJ we’ve ever worked with and a thoroughly nice chap too.

We hope you enjoy some of our favourites from the day.

gate-street-barn-wedding-photography-jlp1-01Pin IT
gate-street-barn-wedding-photography-jlp1-02Pin IT
gate-street-barn-wedding-photography-jlp1-03Pin IT
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gate-street-barn-wedding-photography-jlp1-27Pin IT
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gate-street-barn-wedding-photography-jlp1-37Pin IT
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gate-street-barn-wedding-photography-jlp1-39Pin IT
gate-street-barn-wedding-photography-jlp1-40Pin IT
gate-street-barn-wedding-photography-jlp1-41Pin IT
gate-street-barn-wedding-photography-jlp1-42Pin IT

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