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Gate Street Barn Wedding – Duncan & Angelina

What a great start we had to our wedding season this year with the fantastic and fun wedding of Duncan and Angelina at Gate Street Barn.

When we met up over a year ago the couple had enthusiastically told us all their plans for their relaxed, fun wedding and the whole day was exactly how they described. We love shooting weddings like this, catching those relaxed moments with the couple and their guests in such a beautiful setting as Gate Street Barn it really suits our style of photography.

The couple thoughtfully incorporated their Scottish/Irish family heritage into the day with their decorations, music, entertainment and food. Tandem Catering did an amazing job of the delicious canapés including Haggis and Whiskey and black pudding with Guinness which really impressed the guests and was something we’d never seen before. Rosie Orr did an amazing job with the flowers and Angelina included a beautiful shamrock brooch on her stunning bouquet and we loved the ‘bee happy’ flower decorations.

Thank you so much Duncan and Angelina for choosing us as your wedding photographers and we hope you enjoy a few of our favourite images.

gate-street-barn-wedding-photography-dam1-01Pin IT
gate-street-barn-wedding-photography-dam1-02Pin IT
gate-street-barn-wedding-photography-dam1-03Pin IT
gate-street-barn-wedding-photography-dam1-04Pin IT
gate-street-barn-wedding-photography-dam1-05Pin IT
gate-street-barn-wedding-photography-dam1-06Pin IT
gate-street-barn-wedding-photography-dam1-07Pin IT
gate-street-barn-wedding-photography-dam1-08Pin IT
gate-street-barn-wedding-photography-dam1-09Pin IT
gate-street-barn-wedding-photography-dam1-10Pin IT
gate-street-barn-wedding-photography-dam1-11Pin IT
gate-street-barn-wedding-photography-dam1-12Pin IT
gate-street-barn-wedding-photography-dam1-13Pin IT
gate-street-barn-wedding-photography-dam1-14Pin IT
gate-street-barn-wedding-photography-dam1-15Pin IT
gate-street-barn-wedding-photography-dam1-16Pin IT
gate-street-barn-wedding-photography-dam1-17Pin IT
gate-street-barn-wedding-photography-dam1-18Pin IT
gate-street-barn-wedding-photography-dam1-19Pin IT
gate-street-barn-wedding-photography-dam1-20Pin IT
gate-street-barn-wedding-photography-dam1-21Pin IT
gate-street-barn-wedding-photography-dam1-22Pin IT
gate-street-barn-wedding-photography-dam1-23Pin IT
gate-street-barn-wedding-photography-dam1-24Pin IT
gate-street-barn-wedding-photography-dam1-25Pin IT
gate-street-barn-wedding-photography-dam1-26Pin IT
gate-street-barn-wedding-photography-dam1-27Pin IT
gate-street-barn-wedding-photography-dam1-28Pin IT
gate-street-barn-wedding-photography-dam1-29Pin IT
gate-street-barn-wedding-photography-dam1-30Pin IT
gate-street-barn-wedding-photography-dam1-31Pin IT
gate-street-barn-wedding-photography-dam1-32Pin IT
gate-street-barn-wedding-photography-dam1-33Pin IT
gate-street-barn-wedding-photography-dam1-34Pin IT
gate-street-barn-wedding-photography-dam1-35Pin IT

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