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When we think back to our wedding we say “If only we knew then what we know now.”

That’s not to imply that we’d marry someone else! Nor did we have major problems at our wedding. It’s just that now, as experienced wedding photographers, we’re wedding experts and there are several things we’d do a bit better.

We’re happy to pass on the benefit of our expertise to you. We have a short series of e-mails and PDF e-books to send you FREE. These guides will help you to have the wedding of your dreams. A wedding that is totally ‘you’ and one that is unforgettable for all the right reasons.

The first PDF is entitled “10 Wedding Insider Secrets That Save Time, Money & Stress”. This guide will help you to avoid a wedding disaster. It also has some very handy tips that will save you time and make planning your wedding a whole lot easier.

We’ve also just finished writing ‘How to Weatherproof Your Wedding!’ which we are including as a FREE BONUS for a limited time.

We sincerely hope that you will enjoy your planning and have a great, great wedding!


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