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Dane & Roi’s Wedding at The Grange, Wallington

It’s always nice when we receive a recommendation from previous couples. We photographed Dane’s Son’s wedding last year and it was great to catch up with all the family and friends again.

We had a lovely day with Dane & Roi and the gardens at The Grange made a lovely backdrop for their photos. We’ve never had a wedding car held up by a gaggle of geese before so of course we had to get photographic proof as to why the bride was a little late! First time for everything!

The reception had plenty of entertainment for young and old as you can see from some of the photos and everyone had a really great time.

We hope you enjoy some of our favourites from the day.

drd1-wedding-photography-01Pin IT
drd1-wedding-photography-02Pin IT
drd1-wedding-photography-03Pin IT
drd1-wedding-photography-04Pin IT
drd1-wedding-photography-05Pin IT
drd1-wedding-photography-06Pin IT
drd1-wedding-photography-07Pin IT
drd1-wedding-photography-08Pin IT
drd1-wedding-photography-09Pin IT
drd1-wedding-photography-10Pin IT
drd1-wedding-photography-11Pin IT
drd1-wedding-photography-12Pin IT
drd1-wedding-photography-13Pin IT
drd1-wedding-photography-14Pin IT
drd1-wedding-photography-15Pin IT
drd1-wedding-photography-16Pin IT
drd1-wedding-photography-17Pin IT
drd1-wedding-photography-18Pin IT
drd1-wedding-photography-19Pin IT
drd1-wedding-photography-20Pin IT
drd1-wedding-photography-21Pin IT
drd1-wedding-photography-22Pin IT
drd1-wedding-photography-23Pin IT
drd1-wedding-photography-24Pin IT
drd1-wedding-photography-25Pin IT

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