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Cambridge Cottage, Kew Gardens Wedding – Adam & Alex

Adam and Alex told us that their they wanted their wedding day to be relaxed, full of fun with a theme of a hint of a sophisticated Mexican!!  Wow did they create the most amazing wedding day!

Alex got ready at the Petersham Hotel and then the couple got married at Cambridge Cottage in Kew Gardens.  The couple had arranged for the most fantastic Mariachi Fiesta Band as a surprise for their guests and they were brilliant.  With plenty of sombreros for the guests to wear, botanical themed cocktails to enjoy and loads of games including bubble guns to amuse the children (and the adults!) the reception was fantastic fun.

We then headed out into the gardens with the couple to take advantage of the incredibly beautiful trees, plants and buildings at Kew.  Then it was back to the cottage for the wedding breakfast to begin.

With the long summer days you can get the most beautiful evening light and so it was great that the couple allowed some extra time for some more portraits in the setting sun.

It was also great for us to meet up with Jessica and Daniel again whose wedding we photographed at Notley Abbey last year and we’re so grateful to them for recommending us to Adam and Alex.

We’d also like to say a special thank you to Lauren at Kew Gardens, she is their wedding planner and did the most fabulous job both before and on the wedding day, she made everything run so smoothly and was so helpful to us. A further thank you goes to Ampersand Catering who were excellent.

Here are just a few of our favourite images:



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