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Bury Court Barn Wedding – James & Victoria

If we had to sum this wedding up in one word it would have to be dramatic!

Not that the couple were the source of the drama, James and Victoria were brilliant. They were relaxed and chilled; totally enjoying each other’s company and having a good time with their family and friends. But the weather…… Wow! We could see the storm clouds coming when we were at the church so we hurried to the reception at the very pretty Bury Court Barn before we got caught in the rain. When it came the rain was the heaviest we’d ever seen. The lightning and thunder were right overhead and at one point all the lights went out invoking lots of cries of “Oooh!” from the guests.

While we would never wish for rain on a wedding day, it did make for some great photos in the fields nearby just before the storm broke. Then later on the skies cleared and we had beautiful golden light and a gorgeous red sunset.

We had a great day with the couple and their guests and we hope you enjoy some of our favourite images:

bury-court-barn-wedding-photography-jvb1-01Pin IT
bury-court-barn-wedding-photography-jvb1-02Pin IT
bury-court-barn-wedding-photography-jvb1-03Pin IT
bury-court-barn-wedding-photography-jvb1-04Pin IT
bury-court-barn-wedding-photography-jvb1-05Pin IT
bury-court-barn-wedding-photography-jvb1-06Pin IT
bury-court-barn-wedding-photography-jvb1-07Pin IT
bury-court-barn-wedding-photography-jvb1-08Pin IT
bury-court-barn-wedding-photography-jvb1-09Pin IT
bury-court-barn-wedding-photography-jvb1-10Pin IT
bury-court-barn-wedding-photography-jvb1-11Pin IT
bury-court-barn-wedding-photography-jvb1-12Pin IT
bury-court-barn-wedding-photography-jvb1-13Pin IT
bury-court-barn-wedding-photography-jvb1-14Pin IT
bury-court-barn-wedding-photography-jvb1-15Pin IT
bury-court-barn-wedding-photography-jvb1-16Pin IT
bury-court-barn-wedding-photography-jvb1-17Pin IT
bury-court-barn-wedding-photography-jvb1-18Pin IT
bury-court-barn-wedding-photography-jvb1-19Pin IT
bury-court-barn-wedding-photography-jvb1-20Pin IT
bury-court-barn-wedding-photography-jvb1-21Pin IT
bury-court-barn-wedding-photography-jvb1-22Pin IT
bury-court-barn-wedding-photography-jvb1-23Pin IT
bury-court-barn-wedding-photography-jvb1-24Pin IT
bury-court-barn-wedding-photography-jvb1-25Pin IT
bury-court-barn-wedding-photography-jvb1-26Pin IT
bury-court-barn-wedding-photography-jvb1-27Pin IT
bury-court-barn-wedding-photography-jvb1-28Pin IT
bury-court-barn-wedding-photography-jvb1-29Pin IT
bury-court-barn-wedding-photography-jvb1-30Pin IT
bury-court-barn-wedding-photography-jvb1-31Pin IT
bury-court-barn-wedding-photography-jvb1-32Pin IT
bury-court-barn-wedding-photography-jvb1-33Pin IT
bury-court-barn-wedding-photography-jvb1-34Pin IT
bury-court-barn-wedding-photography-jvb1-35Pin IT
bury-court-barn-wedding-photography-jvb1-36Pin IT
bury-court-barn-wedding-photography-jvb1-37Pin IT
bury-court-barn-wedding-photography-jvb1-38Pin IT

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