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Andrew & Emily’s Wedding Christ Church, East Sheen and Ham Polo Club

We’ve been to Christ Church in East Sheen twice before and Ham Polo club many times but one of the joys of our job is that no two weddings are ever the same. Saturday’s wedding was just brilliant. The couple were great and really easy to work with, the weather was incredible and we got to play with a couple of new cameras. We don’t normally get too bothered by equipment because, after all, a camera is just a tool and it’s not how many mega-dubries but how you use it that’s important. However, we were excited to be using a new Canon EOS 5D MkII and a new Canon EOS 7D. As you’ll see, these cameras make it much easier to work in low light conditions.

Anyway, here are our favourites:

Bride getting readyPin IT

Bride puts on her wedding dressPin IT

The little bridesmaids at the wedding tried very hard to steal the show.

Bridesmaids do the twirlPin IT

Groom and Best Man walk to the churchPin IT

Bridegroom portraitPin IT

Bride walks into churchPin IT

Bridesmaids walk down the aislePin IT

Photography during the service is normally banned at Christ Church but we were very grateful to the minister for allowing us to take one or two shots from the back. This is where the 7D’s quiet shutter release came into its own.

first kiss at the altarPin IT

While the couple signed the register, a couple of the bridesmaids had a fit of the giggles.

Bridesmaids gigglePin IT

Emily’s parents were married at the same church.

Bride and groom in church doorPin IT

Confetti angle photoPin IT

Emily’s granny was a bit too frail to make it to the wedding so it was nice to be with the couple when they visited her after the ceremony. Granny has a sharp wit and made us all laugh.

Couple with GrannyPin IT

The gardens at Granny’s are beautiful so we made good use of them.

Bride walks through gardenPin IT

wedding couple walk through gardenPin IT

Bride and groom with autumn coloursPin IT

Bride and groom walk arm in armPin IT

Bride and groom portraitPin IT

Bride and groom before dinner at Ham Polo ClubPin IT

Every time we’ve been to Ham Polo Club the sky has been incredible. Sarah took the couple out for some shots at just the right time shortly after sundown.

Incredible sky at Ham Polo ClubPin IT

Bride and groom kiss at sunsetPin IT

groom muddles his words during speechPin IT

The band set up some LED lights which fascinated the children.

Bridesmaid stares into LED lightPin IT

Bride and bridesmaids dancePin IT

wedding couples first dancePin IT

The new cameras have a higher ISO setting allowing these shots with very low amounts of light.

The LiberationsPin IT

Ham Polo Club night shotPin IT

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